CCVM Best New Artist Contest

Hi Team Cari, 

Here’s my song for consideration in the contest, “Could’ve Been So Easy” 

This is a song I wrote and produced; obviously, it’s not me singing. lol

Some details about me and why you should pick me:

I took the Signature Songwriting Circle class in July 2020. I found the course beneficial in finding out who I am as an artist, I’ve been juggling many hats, and it can be overwhelming at times.

As a songwriter and producer who likes many music genres, I decided to re-brand my image online to include two different projects.

  1. Stars in June – Rock, Americana, countryish, and other instrument-based kinds of music. –
  1. Map of Reality – electronic music and experimental music.

When I took the course, I had a viewer seat, so I didn’t get the whole immersive experience. I’m always looking to step up my songwriting techniques and learn from others, so I wish to take this course again but with the co-writes.

I’ve written and produced many songs in the last six months since the signature songwriting class ended and taken all six music production/songwriting courses as well as lyric writing classes and a music licensing course online.

Also been networking with other artists/singers from around the globe.

The song I submitted for this contest, “Could’ve Been So Easy” features Leil Bar-Z on vocals.

I’m self-motivated and wish to step up my songwriting within the signature songwriting course. 

Another great thing about the Signature Songwriting Circle class is the accountability within the pod group. I’ve been keeping in touch with Richard and other members of current and past courses.

My Goals for the next few years are as following:

Finish more songs and produce a full-length album to release on Spotify, iTunes, and other online platforms. (Right now, I’m just releasing songs on YouTube, Soundcloud, and a few other places to build a following.

Improve my lyric writing skills ( I have a lot of songs that are almost done and need the finishing touches on the lyrics.) 

Work more on Social Media Platforms to connect with people and build a fan base.

Get in music in film and TV.

I look forward to reconnecting with everyone

Talk to you soon,

Greg Kocis